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Back in Motion Chiropractic

Located in Big Spring, Texas at 1113 South Scurry Street.  If you are looking for an experienced researched non-surgical approach to returning to or maintaining your health, the doctors at Back in Motion may just be the place you are looking for.  There are many reasons why this clinic is the leading authority in complimentary or alternative medicine. 

What should you be looking for in a Alternative Care Practitioner such as a Doctor of Chiropractic?

          1.  What is your doctor's experience and background?
There are many things that you should consider when choosing a back specialist, one of which is the doctors experience and training.   The doctors and staff at Back in Motion have been providing health since 1993.  Our staff of doctors not only bring you the most experienced staff in the area but our team approach allows us to have the most consistent patient access in the West Texas area.  Our number 1 goal is you!

          2.  Do they provide digital x-rays?
Back in Motion utilizes digital x-rays not only to bring a better level of diagnostic radiology into patient care.  This  makes it more convenient for patients to carry their results with them when they have been referred to our office by another physician or when x-ray results may require medical intervention.

          3.  Do they provide specialized testing such as Myovision to evaluate the musculature of the neck and spine?
Myovision is a surface EMG that provides a researched, objective evaluation of the muscle response and tone in evaluating spinal conditions.  Such as weakness, fatigue, spasm, or conditions such as fibromyalgia.

          4.  Do they do computerized range of motion testing to fully evaluate your functional abilities?
Range of motion studies are utilized to measure functional ability, to monitor progress, and determine when a patient has returned to normal range of function based on the American Medical Association guidelines for range of motion.

          5.  Are they a preferred provider by the local medical community?
Back in Motion has the reputation of providing thorough and respected care within our facility's scope of practice and works daily with other healthcare professionals to provide whatever is the most beneficial to a patients return to normal health.  For example, Back in Motion routinely provides x-rays and results for the local medical community in a time saving and more cost effective way.

          6.  Do they have hours of operation that work with your schedule?
Back in Motion relates to the active and hard-working patients who do not keep regular hours and is open six days a week with emergency contact options available 24/7.

          7.  Offer customized treatment plans and techniques based on the conditions?
Our facility offers numerous types of treatments, therapeutic modalities, progressive chiropractic rehab and state-of-the-art therapies not offered in most clinics. 

          8.  Work to make your care affordable?
The billing and insurance department understands that no one plans to be injured and offers budget friendly plans that help you invest in your recovery.  We see care as an investment into returning to living a healthy lifestyle and not healthcare cost.

           9.  Does the facility or physician strive to provide the most proven and the most current treatment services?
Back in Motion brings a state-of-the-art approach to returning people to health.  In addition to researching and studying new and progressive therapeutic procedures, our facility offers many treatment options not available in most healthcare facilities.   In addition to chiropractic, our doctors offer services such as nutritional counseling, weight loss management, acupuncture, rehabilitation, exercise coaching, and many other services.